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Subject: Re: Possible to grab dol2day?
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 11/07/2001 13:31
> I'm asking myself if it is possible to grab the site 
>> We try to make an archive-CD of this site and I 
> if it is possible. The Database is about 1 GB big.

Hum, first ask permission to the website admin - 1GB 
is really big, and it might be a good idea to schedule 
the download in non-business hours.

Then, if the website requires authentication, and 
especially formular-based authentication, you'll have 
to use the 'add url/capture url' feature. Define 
proper filters, too, if the default one are not 
convenient (the default ones are: capture the website, 
plus external images/js/css is any)

Ah, one tip: you may use bandwidth limiter and/or a 
limited number of simultaneous connection if you have 
a fast pipe - not to clobber the website!
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Possible to grab dol2day?

11/07/2001 13:22
Re: Possible to grab dol2day?

11/07/2001 13:31


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