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Subject: Following @import CSS links?
Author: Vince
Date: 11/09/2001 17:50
I'm having trouble downloading CSS files linked to an HTML page...

If the CSS file is linked via the "normal" LINK method and +*.css is included
as part of the filter list, things are OK -- the CSS file is downloaded as
part of the mirroring operation.

However, if the CSS file is linked via the more advanced (but increasingly
popular) CSS-2 @import method, the CSS file is ignored/not seen and is
therefore not downloaded.

For example, see:

(If you view the source, you'll see the reference to the CSS file
"css/text.css" in the @import call. However, this file cannot(?) be downloaded
by HTTrack.)

Is there a way to set up HTTrack to grab these @import-linked CSS files? If
not, can such support be added in the [near] future?
- Vince

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11/09/2001 17:50
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