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Subject: Re: asp password protected
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 02/26/2005 13:00
> I would like to grab the contents of a website that's
> password protected using sessions. The pages are ASP 
> so when I try grabbing the pages, they just grab the 
> which is the login screen.

Cookies won't help. You'll have to use the 'Add 
URL'/'Capture URL' mechanism of WinHTTrack to do that.

- Erase your browser cookies
- Go to the login screen and fill it, WITHOUT hitting 
the "submit" button
- Launch WinHTTrack, select 'Add URL'/'Capture URL' and 
follow the instructions (change the browser proxy settings 
- Click on the browser's page 'submit' button
- Restore your proxy settings
- Run the mirror

This may work or not, depending on the authentication 


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Re: asp password protected

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