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Subject: Re: Mirror local files?
Author: Dave
Date: 11/19/2001 08:49
OK, I'm getting somewhere, but nowhere. Confusion has 
now set in. With the name conversion command:
	-N "%t/"
it creates a directory for each type of file, but the 
names of the files are stuffed up - obvious.

	-N "%t/%n.%t"
doesn't create the child directories, but puts all 
files in the root directory, after renaming them 
to "n<number>.<ext>", where <number> is a number, and 
<ext> is the original file extension. In other words, 
stuffs it all up!

None of this is useful to me. I NEED the main html 
file (not the index file created by Httrack, but the 
mirrored html file) in the root directory, and all 
other files wherever I want, but for now I just want  
gifs in root/gif, jpegs in root/jpg, ... etc. Oh, and 
the presets are no good because sometimes I might want 
to make a root/classes folder or something.

That last bit is fairly confusing. Simply put, if 
httrack is mirroring a file 
called "pulled_out_hair.gif", I want that file to be 
saved as "/gif/pulled_out_hair.gif".

All other web spiders I've tried spit the dummy when 
trying to 'convert' local files ( dependencies are 
often not mirrored, but links are created to the 
originals ). This is the only program which seems to 
have the ability to do what I want. Unfortunately, it 
doesn't listen to me very well :-)

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