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Subject: Re: How to configure HTTrack for dynamic ASP pages.
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/09/2005 16:31
> 1. On the HTTrack download page at 
> <> there are 3 
> Windows downloads.

These are the same (the mirror is currently down)

> 2. How to adjust HTTrack so the saved static pages are 
> named similar to the original ASP page URL. For example, 
> one ASP page has the domain address with the following 
> added to the URL "/asp-rel/article.asp?id=realty-times-
> 0958.shtml". I would like to know how to configure 
> to save the static page with the filename of "realty-
> 0958.shtml" and not add the random numbers at the end or 
> use the html file extension.

See 'Set Options' / 'Build Structure' / 'User-Defined 

with something like:

> 3. Does HTTrack keep the same file names and the link 
> URL's the same if you mirror the same site often?  I have 
> to update my ASP pages weekly with new content and 

Yes, is possible - except if there are duplicate files 
(index.html and INDEX.HTML, for example) created recently.

> But if I mirror the same pages weekly, do the URL's and 
> change? This would be a problem for search engine 

I don't think it would be a problem (search engines are 
smart :p)

> 4. How to configure HTTrack to not corrupt/change any 
> JavaScript for the Ads or other features on my ASP pages 
> when it creates the static pages?
Humm, javascript shouldn't be corrupted (but there might be 
some bugs remaining)


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