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Subject: Re: new.lst
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 12/06/2001 12:27
> I had a mirror going.  When my modem disconnected, 
> WinHTTrack started going through the files quickly 
> wrote them blank or deleted them, I'm not sure 
> This happened once before and I had just backed up 
> the big files from the My Web Sites folder.  I tried 
> putting the files back in the MWS folder, but the 
> just starts redownloading them.  How can I get it to 
> accept them?  Do I need a new.lst file with all the 
> entries or something?
No - this is a caching problem (hts-cache/new.* 
files) - you can try 'do not delete old files' using 
the options, but to force then engine to accept files, 
there is no real way: putting files 'as is' will work 
IF the server correctly responds to update requests 
(which is often not the case)

The problem when having files without related data (in 
cache) like mime types, real remote location.. is that 
the engine has to ask the server if the file *seems* 
okay (and many servers always respond 'I don't know - 
I resend it to you')

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