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Subject: Re: Incomplete Capture
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 12/10/2001 09:22
> Test Site:  <>
> Problem:    Many (but not all) of the 
> downloaded .jpg's were incopmplete/corupted, 
> HTTrack 3.09 reported a complete download (after 
> 180 mins on a 56K modem). There does not seem to be 
> sufficient time allowed to download the individual 
> files. Re-running with only '+*.gif +*.jpg' in the 
> setup made hardly any difference. Is there a bug of 
> some sort?  

Strange.. can you send me (via email) the bogus URLs 
location(s) and the last lines of hts-log.txt ? This 
problem may be related to HTTP compression, or xmit 
error (this shouldn't happend, but, who knows..), but 
I don't have an exact idea for now
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