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Subject: .JS files and images
Author: John Pennington
Date: 12/11/2001 00:02
I am having a problem getting the correct pathing for 
images referenced in a .JS (JavaScript) file that was 
put in it's own /JavaScript folder.  Because the .js 
file was in a subdirectory, HTTrack paths all the 
images referenced in that .js file as being in 
an /images directory under the /javascript directory.  
Since the image files are actually in an /images 
directory under the root, the files are never located 
and instead, there are short text files showing the 
404 errors.

Is there any setting that allows me to set a "default" 
images directory to look into on a 404 error?  

It seems to me that since .JS files are inherently 
tricky (you can't be sure where they'll be accessed 
from, so the pathing can be anything), HTTrack should 
allow us to help out by pointing to directories where 
it should look if it can't find a file.

One other thought.  Since so many sites are set up 
with an /images folder where all images reside, it 
seems to me that if HTTrack can't find an image, it 
should be allowed to see if it's there, and then put 
it in the same directory on the mirrored system.


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12/11/2001 00:02
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