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Subject: Invalid Page Fault in module WINHTTRACK.EXE
Author: Tim Schoenfelder
Date: 12/24/2001 16:08
I was attempting to update my Hard Drive archive of created with a previous version of
WinHTTrack.  However, about 23-25% of the way through
the update the software triggered my firewall and my
firewall asked me to confirm whether or not I wanted to
give WINHTTRACK access to several sites.  

At this same time I got a message stating "WINHTTRACK
caused an invalid page fault in module WINHTTRACK.EXE
at 0177:0046c962.
KAX=00000001 CS=0177 KIP=0046c962 KFLGS=00010206
KBX=037e0073 SS=017f KSP=0077a574 KBP=0077a7c8
KCX=00000001 DS=017f KSI=7ffffffe FS=6cb7
KDX=7fffffff KS=017f KDI=004ccb44 GS=0000
Bytes at CSKIP:
80 38 00 74 03 40 eb f1 2b c1 e9 8f 01 00 00 c7
...(I took a bitmap snapshot of the error at the time
and forgot to copy all the rest of the info by hand
before closing the window).

Any ideas or suggestions?

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12/24/2001 16:08
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