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Subject: Re: It doesn't update.
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 12/30/2001 21:42
> i don't know why.. but it was working before when i 
> was using 3.09. now with 3.10, the program, doesn't 
> download the right html files, the new ones.. only 
> images changed, but the links... the same.. wrong 
> ones..

First ensure that you selected 'Update an existing 
mirror' and NOT 'Continue an interrupted mirror'

Then, try to uncheck the 'Update hack' option in 'Set 
options'/'Spider' and restart the mirror.
Also check the option:
'Set options'/'Experts Only'/'Activate Debug mode'
to debug more efficiently is the error still exists.

Then, if a page hasn't been updated on this try, try 
to locate in hts-ioinfo.txt the page name and please 
email the details. Ensure that you don't have any 
errors or warnings in hts-log.txt logfile, too!

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