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Subject: Re: cgi handling
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 01/01/2002 18:52
> Now I'm facing the following problem and I couldn't 
> figure out how to solve it using httrack.
> I'm downloading a site, where all the data is in 
> cgi's. Since I may download the site in unix and 
> browse it in windows thereafter, I'd like all the 
> links in the files to be replaced by links without 
> parameters. For example:
> I'd like to have it replaced (in the referring html 
> file) with something like that:
> cgi-bin/bk01293123021983120.html
> So the second issue is how to change all the links 
> relative.
> Can I do it by using httrack?
By default, HTTrack ALWAYS converts downloaded links 
to relative ones, and non-downloaded links to absolute 
(http://..) ones.
You can choose not to include query string parameters 
using 'Do not include the query string' option, and 
even choose the directory structure using the 'Build' 

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