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Subject: Re: File has Moved error
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 01/04/2002 09:31
> I am trying to figure out exactly what causes 
> the 'file has moved from URLa to URLb' or 'file has 
> temporarily moved' error message.

> How does the server know I am using an offline 
> browser?
Either using the Browser ID sent, or by detecting the 
robots.txt request, or by detecting the number of 
simultaneous requests, or by detecting that all links 
in a page are being tracked one by one. 

You can not avoid offline browser detectors, but there 
are simpler ways to avoid offline browsers (see at 

Generally, 'moved pages' are mistyped link, such as:
<> instead of 
(ending / missing)
Or <> instead of 
(case mismatch)

The default behaviour is to download only pages in 
current directory/location (plus some images and other 
related files), therefore moving from 
<> to <> may 
cause the link to be considered as 'external'.

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