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Subject: Re: Problem
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 01/12/2002 09:17
> Have some problems with URL's like : 
> <>     <----  if you 
> open such links ,the Internetbrowser
> shows you a new html-site and the new html-site 
> always 'index.html' or sometimes 'start.html'. 
> can't analyse this URL and the homepage-subfolders 
> can't saved correctly.

This shouldn't happend - can you give more details 
(URL, option used..) here or by email?
Links with an ending / ( for example) are 
always renamed LOCALLY into index.html, but this is 
really not something difficult for the engine, as 
multiple pages with identical names, except case 
sensitivity, can exist and be downloaded. Internally, 
the system will rename each page to different names to 
form a working local filesystem.

If you encounter problems, I assume this is due to a 
specific option, or something on the remote webserver 
(some webservers are giving "application/octet-stream" 
instead of "text/html" as MIME type, for example - it 
works with IE but NOT with Netscape)

Give more details (non-working URLs), I'll check 
what's going on.
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