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Subject: Re: java class files
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 01/13/2002 10:44
> I was trying to download the following website 
> <> 
> But for some reason majority of the java applets did 
> not download but some did.
> Has anyone else had a similar problem, If so please 
> let me know, I would appreciate it,

Hum, java files are very difficult to parse: links can 
NOT be changed in the current engine (because all 
links are embedded into a binary format, and changing 
some elements would mean changing the complete binary 
class file) and therefore absolute references 
(http://..) often don't work. Besides, if the applet 
tries to connect to the remote server, this won't work 
(and you can't really 'patch' the binary code)

It is sometimes better not to download java files 
(using filters like -*.class -*.jar), because the 
remote version generally works much better that the 
local one.

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