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Subject: Please limit retransfers to html only
Author: NDog
Date: 02/20/2006 21:22
What annoys me the most about web spiders is they do not individually scan the
files already on your disk, but scan their own cache, or config file which has
the website files information eg hts-cache. This means that retransfers are
going to happen if you decide to use a different spider with your same files.
This is the ONLY problem I have with HTTrack, I cannot copy the files I have
already downloaded with another spider into HTTrack or vice-versa.

But thats my rant, I didnt make the program, however I have one major

WMV files retransfer even though I have already got them
Why? its a waste of bandwidth/time having to retransfer huge files when they
are already there

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Please limit retransfers to html only

02/20/2006 21:22


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