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Subject: Req: option handling
Author: Derkjan
Date: 01/13/2002 22:19
Hi all,

When I first started using httrack, I decided to try 
mirrorring a few sites. I started with httrack --
mirror and lots of options. To simplify my testing, I 
put these long lines in script. After that, when I 
tried to update the mirrored sites using this script, 
I got the message that I should use the --update 
option - which I did. I kept the original script, and 
replaced all occurances of 'mirror' with 'update'. 
This worked fine.
After a while, I got these weird 'memory fault' 
errors when using my update script.
I investigated this, and the problem seems to be 
this: every time one uses the --update command with 
additional command line options, these options get 
appended to the first line of the 'doit.log' file. So 
the first line keeps growing, which eventually leads 
to these crashes.
IMHO, the fix would be to update the command line 
options in 'doit.log' and not simply append them.



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