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Subject: Re: .del files and /DELAYED folder bug in v3.4
Author: Leto
Date: 03/09/2006 01:05
> However, as HTTrack v.3.4 is downloading the
> non-HTML files it is storing them all (regardless of
> MIME type) in the folder /WEB/DELAYED and each file
> is being downloaded (in full -- all  bytes are
> transfered) but with a .DEL extension. The relative
> links in the downloaded file are also pointing to
> the xxx.DEL file in the DELAYED folder. 

I think this has been reported before although I had not seen the
problem...until today!  I was just investigating Gina-B's problem, using a
user build-structure (so it's interesting that you're using a specific
structure also), and have been able to get those .del files.

Strangely it doesn't happen for every URL...
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.del files and /DELAYED folder bug in version 3.4

03/08/2006 02:00
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03/09/2006 01:05


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