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Subject: Security limits
Author: Ahhh!
Date: 04/01/2006 17:55

I'm trying to copy a website I actually own. Actually I'm the webmaster and
it's for a company I work for. We use a lot of the data on it in-house and
it'd be great to have a local copy to peruse.

The only problem is it's a very large website and the 25k/sec is killing me.
At that rate it will take something around 9 weeks. I read in the advanced
options there is a --disable-security-limits option to allow that to
high as possible? The only thing is I *must* use the winhttrack version
because I have about 5 pages of options and it'd be a REAL pita to type it all
into the dos prompt. Running it as: winhttrack --disable-security-limits does
not seem to make a difference.

Is there a way? Please tell me there is. Thanks!

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