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Subject: help :-) unable to get subdirectory
Author: alohajoe
Date: 04/07/2006 13:39

I have tried over and over using the filters but i do not know why i can not
get HTTrack to capture my test directory in my basic website - i am sure there
is a basic setting that i am missing.  I leave it at default setting and only
add this filter below.

I have tried using*  thinking this would download
in my site but there is one simple folder called /test and i cant configure
this to capture the folder and files.

OK stop laughing :-)  i am sure it easy for some of you but if you can help
thank you so much.

its basic structure just index.html in the root and then one folder that is
called /test with some test html and .js within.

its at <>

please reply here or my email at

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