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Subject: Re: mirror failure - reason: update hack
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 01/21/2002 09:24
> When I try to mirror my site I get the following 
> says it can't find a file.  I know that file doesn't 
> exist anymore because I renamed it and fixed the 
> to go to m_bbalco.jpg instead of m&bbalco.jpg and 
> renamed the file.  It should now make my mirror 
> reflect the changes.  Why doesn't it?
The problem is linked to the 'Update hack' option, 
which is checked by default. The purpose of this 
option is to detect servers that always send a 'Page 
has been updated' status when updating a website, 
which is annoying as all data is retransfered, even if 
not modified.

When this option is checked, the engine compares the 
sizes of the previous and current (updated) HTML 
pages, and, if identical, break the connection.

In some cases, this is really annoying - I assume that 
you only changed one character in your HTML file, and 
therefore you didn't modify the file size - the update 
hack option detected that, and decided NOT to update 
the file.

Either uncheck the option, or modify the file size, 
the mirror will then be update properly!
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