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Subject: Possible bug in RC-10?
Author: David G
Date: 03/20/2001 06:25
I much appreciate this piece of software.  It has made
my life so much better!  I truly feel empowered to 
gather information now.  Thanks for your work.

I think I have found a bug in the RC-10 release.  Maybe
you know about it already.  Just to be on the safe 
I will report it.

I downloaded a particular URL using two versions of
WinHTTrack (RC-4 and RC-10).  Here are log file 

HTTrack3.00-RC-4 reported:
HTTrack mirror complete in 4 minutes 16 seconds : 44 
links scanned, 43 files written (494010 bytes overall) 
[509321 bytes received at 1989 bytes/sec]
(33 errors, 0 warnings, 1 messages)

HTTrack3.00-RC-10 reported:
HTTrack mirror complete in 9 minutes 27 seconds : 44 
links scanned, 28 files written (369839 bytes overall) 
[509322 bytes received at 898 bytes/sec]
(No errors, 0 warnings, 1 messages)

I think there were about 33 directories excluded by
robots.txt, so that may explain the 33 errors by
RC-4.  There were no other errors as far as I can see
in terms of downloading.  Oddly, RC-10, although it
reported the same directories being excluded under
robots.txt, it did not list them as errors.

But what is stranger still is that RC-4 reported that
43 files were written, and RC-10 reported that 28 files
were written.  I went to look at the directories made
by both and they are IDENTICAL -- same number of files
and the same number of bytes.  In fact, the RC-4 
was correct - the operating system reported 43 files in
the mirror subdirectory.  This suggests that RC-10 has
introduced a bug into the "files written" counting

I hope this bug does not affect the functionality of
the mirror otherwise.  I don't think it does; my test
showed that the resulting download was identical in
essential respects to the RC-4 version's download.

David G.

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