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Subject: Re: convert project settings to linux
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 01/31/2002 08:52
> how can I convert my project settings of HTTrack for 
Windows to HTTrack for Linux?
See the related FAQ:

Q: Can I copy a project to another computer/system? 
Can I then update it ?A: Absolutely! You can keep your HTTrack favorite 
folder (C:\My Web Sites) in your local hard disk, copy 
it for a friend, and possibly update it, and then 
bring it back!
You can copy individual folders (projects), too: 
exchange your favorite websites with your friends, or 
send an old version of a site to someone who has a 
faster connection, and ask him to update it!

Note: Export (Windows <-> Linux)
The file and cache structure is compatible between 
Linux/Windows, but you may have to do some changes, 
like the path

Windows -> Linux/Unix  :
Copy (in binary mode) the entire folder and then to 
update it, enter into it and do a
httrack --update -O ./ 

Note: You can then safely replace the existing folder 
(under Windows) with this one, because the Linux/Unix 
version did not change any options
Note: If you often switch between Windows/Linux with 
the same project, it might be a good idea to edit the 
hts-cache/doit.log file and delete old "-O" entries, 
because each time you do a httrack --update -O ./ an 
entry is added, causing the command line to be long  

Linux/Unix -> Windows  :
Copy (in binary mode) the entire folder in your 
favorite Web mirror folder. Then, select this project, 
AND retype ALL URLs AND redefine all options as if you 
were creating a new project. This is necessary because 
the profile (winprofile.ini) has not been created with 
the Linux/Unix version. But do not be afraid, 
WinHTTrack will use cached files to update the 

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