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Subject: New user - Cannot download website
Author: andre
Date: 05/28/2006 18:41
I am a new user of WinHTTrack.  My OS is XPsp2 with IE6.  I can browse online
the small website without any problems.  However when I
try to mirror it, I get a lot of errors in the hts-log.txt of the type "Error:
"Not Found" (404)".  When I try to browse the mirror, I can see only the first
page of it - the main link on the first page ("Batch functions ..") does not
work.  I used the default WinHTTrack rules and options to get the mirror.  I
have spent all afternoon trying to download this website and looking through
the faq and the forum but without success!

Any assistance with this would be much appreciated.

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New user - Cannot download website

05/28/2006 18:41
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