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Subject: Re: partial webmaster wants to mirror
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 02/03/2002 21:28
> I maintain a part of a web site adding many 
> After I FTP the graphics I can add them to my 
> and see no reason to have HTT download them.  
> I tried using a '-' filter, but that deleted the 
> from my mirror.  
> No filter sees differences and deletes my added 
> graphics from my mirror and downloads them again.
> There are many directories that never change and I 
> thought I could save time and work by telling HTT to 
> ignore those directories, but '-' filter deletes 
> I still have to mirror the site to find out what 
> others have changed, but I know what I change.
> What is the best way to handle this?
Ahh.. mixing both manual update (copying files into a 
mirrror directory) and automatic one (updating using 
HTTrack the website) is quite complex, as HTTrack will 
either erase the files you put in the directorie(s), 
or will try to retransfer them.

The best way is NOT to filter the new files in 
HTTrack, and run an update process. HTTrack will 'see' 
that new files have been added in the directory by 
someone else, and will try to handle them. This often 
works, but sometimes not - expecially when the server 
doesn't understand the 'continue' request for a file 
which is.. completed!
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