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Subject: retrieving stats from command line version
Author: Steve
Date: 02/07/2002 07:40

we're using httrack as part of an internal project for 
which we'd like to provide some "realtime" stats. In 
the past, I've had the logs coming to stdout and 
parsing them on the fly. This time round I'm looking 
for a more elegant method :)

I figure I can grep the normal output for 'OK' and use 
this as a file counter(?), and have been looking at 
the 'guru' option #Z. I was wondering if you could 
point me in the direction of any other ways to grab 
stuff without having to modify the source (we don't 
want to have to patch every time a new release comes 

On the '#Z' option, could you also explain exactly 
what its saying? 
17:09:37        Info:   Rate= 21186 (/1271217)  
NewLinks= 46 (/46)

I'm guessing that Rate = [curr Kb/s] (/[max Kb/s | 
size]) NewLinks= [new links parsed] (/[total links 

thanks in advace,


ps: sorry for totally ignoring your 'do NOT use' note 
in the help output :)

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02/07/2002 07:40
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