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Subject: questions!
Author: Tom
Date: 02/14/2002 22:48
Hi there!

first, i am going to say that i'm not so good with my 
knowledge of english, so don't mind if i make some 
mistakes! :)
i have just downloaded your web copier programme, and 
i am amazed by its speed - believe me, i used meny 
similar programmes, but this is the best!!! not only 
becouse of its speed, but because of its unique way of 
representing downloaded (mirrored) sites!!
but still, i have some questions:
- lets say that i have just mirrored 
(entire site) - and that site is text oriented, which 
means that it has many links within its structure 
which have .txt extension (e.g., and so on...) but also 
many of them represents a link to other sites, for 
example to - 
the question is - which number should i put 
into 'maximum external depth' box?! i must say that i 
am confused - in your manual i have found that its '0' 
by default, which means that  no external pages will 
be mirrored?! (i just hope u understand what i am 
asking you!!!). in my case, should i put '1'? if i 
put '2', what does it mean (does it mean that will be 
in other words is it like this:
when its '0', there won't be any mirroring to
when its '1', it will be mirrored
when its '2', it will be mirrored
- i see that there is an option for updating mirrored 
siets - does it mean that i can in any time to 
experiment with 'maximum external depth'? i mean, my 
mirrored site will be updated according to my new 

i hope u'll answer to those questions! and maybe, just 
maybe, i have some questions about filters, but i'll 
keep them for the next time...
till next time, best regrads!

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