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Subject: Source repositories / Linux beta?
Author: Cillian
Date: 09/29/2006 13:06
Thanks Xavier for this fantasic application which I have relied on and enjoyed
using for many years now.

In brief: is there a 3.41 beta version available for Linux yet?
I've recently run up against the 4273 error which you mention is fixed in the
latest 3.41 beta (and also isn't a proplem prior to 3.30). But as far as I can
see there's only a win32 beta version available at the moment. I downloaded
the source which is described as "Windows binaries+sources" just in case it
also had the linux source but the usual ./configure etc. didn't work (from the
src directory).

Perhaps I missed it but I couldn't find any source code repositories nor any
mention of one in the forum. 

Sorry if I've just missed it, I had a good look around and didn't find any
info in the FAQ, forum etc.

Thanks again, your work is greatly appreciated.

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09/29/2006 13:06
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