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Subject: Slow Startup Speed of WinHTTrack
Author: Chris
Date: 09/30/2006 14:13

Does anyone else have a problem with WinHTTrack that if you have a large(ish)
number of projects saved, it will really slow WinHTTrack down when it starts
up? I don't mean when you run the Start Menu icon. That's still pretty quick.
It's when you get to the WinHTTrack start screen and you have to click the
Next button to create a new project. On my PC (and AMD 2100+ on XP Home),
WinHTTrack is horribly slow when I click the Next button. It sometimes takes a
minute or two to finally display the screen where you start a new project. The
number of projects I would have saved is about 160 or so.



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09/30/2006 14:13
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