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Subject: errors
Author: Tom
Date: 02/16/2002 00:03
after viewing 'hts-log.txt' file i saw to many errors 
like 'warning: file has moved from 
<> to 
<> - what should i do? 
what does it mean '404.shtml', 'coz i have to many 
messages like that one - it looks like '404 page 
cannot be found' or something? how can i reach those 
not mirrored files/sites?!? should i set something in 
filters? beside that, should i set action to 'update 
existing download' or what?also, i must say that i'm confused with 'download
sites in pages' - does it mean that all sites linked 
with the one i set as start will be mirrored?!
'download web site(s)+questions' option will ask me 
for those linx (as above) before mirroring?!
i'm really confused and i hope it won't last long for 
somebody to answer...
thanx in advance!

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