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Subject: Re: Performance Issues
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 10/10/2006 20:21
> If someone could have a look at the command line I'm
> using and just check that it's optimised to run as
> fast as possible....
> Here's the command line that was utilised <note the
> host/websites have been changed from a security
> perspective>

Looks good (you can use --max-rate=0 to disable the bandwith limiter, and
"--depth=infinite" is the default in httrack anyway)

> Obviously there are many contributing factors, the
> web site's CPU availability, memory.

Check the CPU of the server and the client (the server CPU should be higher)

> Quick question... Is it a recommended to install
> httrack in this particular scenario to run on the
> actual Domino server itself?
Well, neither recommended not not recommended. Network trafic is irrelevant in
this case in my opinion.

> Qnother quick question, i'm using the --miror
> option, in future we'll always be doing updates, is
> it better to utilise --update or leave the default
> configuration to --mirror ???
--update --quiet should be good

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