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Subject: Messing with javascript
Author: Mark Scott
Date: 11/06/2006 11:15
Hello, firstly thanks for a great program.

I have a site that it built with SSI (server side includes) that I want to put
on a CD, the majority of the links in it are root relative and I'm having a
few problems downloading it successfully.

Some of the links are ending up with <http://localhost> in front of them that
were starting with "/", but not all and I can't see what the cause is.

I have some AJAX calls that do .open("HEAD","blah blah", true) and these are
getting changes to .open(http://localhost/HEAD","blah blah", true), I know
the AJAX won't work but it just seemed a bit strange.

BTW I'm using 3.41-BETA-12 and my last set of command line options were
"-I0p7o0 -%P0", although I have tried lots of combinations.

Thanks in advance

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