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Subject: rewrite filename index.php into
Author: Marcel
Date: 11/23/2006 18:35
I want to miror a dynamic multi-language php-website with 
aditional javascript-routines. The language are user-defined in a <form
action= "./" method="post">-formular and stored in a session-cookie.

I want to mirror this site in all languages (one language after the other) and
to keep the original file-structure. 

Therefore I have to rename the original folder/index.php into
folder/ respectivly folder/index.html.en ... depending on the
actual language which is set by the session-cookie.

Please be so kind to specify me the filter-settings in WinHTTrack. Thanks a
lot in advance. 

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rewrite filename index.php into

11/23/2006 18:35


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