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Subject: Update redownloads jpgs
Author: Mark Cramer
Date: 11/26/2006 22:55
I'm trying to back up my wife's blog, which is on, and all the
images are held on our geocities accounts.  Whenever I do a site update
WinHtTrack redownloads all the images, even though they haven't changed and
there is an error in the log for every image, 'link is probably looping'  

All the links in the blog, link straight to the jpg on geocities, ie the links
are all href=jpg, img=jpg , so that the blog displays a reduced image, but the
full image is available if you click on the thumbnail.

I have the options set as -*,*.jpg

Can anyone give me hints as to what I have to change, so the httrack won't
reload all the jpgs please?

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