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Subject: Re: Inconsistent Proxy Error
Author: Carey Lott
Date: 12/21/2006 20:47
> First, yes I have looked at the old posts, and I
> have seen part of my problem mentioned.  I'm getting
> the following error: "Proxy Authentication Required"
> (407) on all sites except for one that I have tried.
>  I can understand it not working because of
> challenged authentication or a proxy setting, but
> the fact that it works to one of the sites I have
> tried has completely confused me. Also concerning my
> proxy settings, a login and password are not needed.
>  All these sites work properly in IE.
> Thanks.

Oh Yeah.  I meant to add that I can't read
because my company is blocking it for some reason.  But then again they block
a lot of useful stuff.
Thanks Again.
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