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Subject: Having trouble with password protected site.
Author: Eugene
Date: 12/28/2006 06:06
I've followed the CatchURL tutorial to try and download selected pages from a
members only section of a website.

The URL that is caught is:


However this url does not take me to the page I want to capture, so I specifiy
this page as the next web address:


I have these lines in my filter:


Httrack will start and end prematurely.  Some pages are captured and the
log-in seems to be ok.

Log file says:

"21:04:26 Warning:  Redirected link is identical because of 'URL Hack' option: and
21:04:26 Warning:  Can not bear crazy server (Found) for"

I've tried all kinds of different combinations as well as adding an exclude
filter for the logout url.  I'm stumped..

Any ideas?

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Having trouble with password protected site.

12/28/2006 06:06


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