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Subject: htaccess (NEW question)
Author: Chris Hegner
Date: 01/16/2007 14:11
Hi there

Checked out the FAQ's and Forum-Threads but didn't find the answer to the
following issue:

Some websites use htaccess in a way, where DIFFERENT
user/password-combinations are needed at several points (for accessing
different sub-pages). As I understand, HTTRACK enables only the setting of one
user/password-combination for the mirroring. It would be nice though to supply
the program with all needed combinations and whenever htttrack hits an
authorization-issue, it would iteratively check all supplied combinations...
DOES THAT WORK YET (is there a possible workaround)??? Or would this be a
possible new feature? Can one participate in supplying it and HOW???


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01/16/2007 14:11
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