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Subject: Bug in WinHTTrack 3.40-2 ("Check program updates
Author: Maksym Kozub
Date: 01/29/2007 19:44
First, many thanks for WinHTTrack which I've been using for years. Now, I have
version 3.40-2 installed under Windows 2000 Professional SP4. When checking
for updates, it offers 3.40-2 as a newer version, while saying within the same
screen that I have version 3.40-2 :). (I can send you a screenshot if you need
it.) I first thought there is a new build with some minor patch and the same
version number. That would be a not-so-good method of versioning, but I would
somehow understand it. However, I see that the binary file being downloaded is
_exactly_ the same as version 3.40-2 I already have.
Any ideas?

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Bug in WinHTTrack 3.40-2 ("Check program updates

01/29/2007 19:44


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