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Subject: Installing HTTrack on a Mac (Mac OS X)
Author: Bo Hovgaard Thomasen
Date: 02/08/2007 15:09
To compile httrack on your Mac, you first of all need to install Apple
developer Tools (X-Code). Either download it from
<> or perhaps the Developer Tools are
on your Mac OS X install DVD. 

Then download the newest souce code of HTTrack from
<> (if you want the newest
beta-version). Currently the archive name of the newest version is
httrack_3.41.20.orig.tar.gz. Unpack it using Finder (dobble click the
downloaded file).

Now start the application Terminal (found in /Applications/Utilities/ or by
searching for it with Spotlight). Terminal provides a command line interface.

(1) Type cd <path to httrack folder> (replacing <path...> with the actual path
e.g. Desktop/httrack-3.41.20). 
(2) Type ./configure (plus optionally --prefix=<path you where you want to
install HTTrack> if you for example do not have administrator priviledges to
your Mac).   
(3) Type make (compiles the source to executable commands)
(4) Type make install (the installer puts the files where you told it to by
using --prefix=... of per default in the folder /usr/local/)

Now you can archive with HTTrack by typing /usr/local/bin/httrack <url to
archive> -O ~/<name of local archive folder> -n -j

The above options (i.e. -n -j) are just a couple of the most usefull options
to use. For more options I advice you to read the HTTrack documentation. It is
also often very usefull to add web adresses that the crawler should not
archive and some that it should. This is done simply by adding to the URLs
with a leading - or + (e.g. httrack <> -O
~/070208_httrack_com -n -j -*

Please report how the instructions above has helped you or how they did not.

Kind regards,
Bo Hovgaard Thomasen, Denmark        

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