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Subject: Re: 404 file don't found! error
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 02/26/2002 07:05
> well, first time i succeded to download HOLE site,
> but somehow i secceded in delete it :)))) so, i have
> tried again  to mirror it with the same parameters,
> and that is what happened - there was nothing, even
> it was ok first time!

Humm.. did you download a lot of data the first time? 
Very quickly? Beware, webmasters do not like their 
bandwidth to be clobbered (even temporarily) by big 
downloads, please setup reasonnable settings when 
mirroring large sites: 1 or 2 simultaneous 
connections, and bandwidth limit (which is now quite 
sharp using latest releases of HTTrack), this will 
reduce the overload, and keep ofline browsers website 
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