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Subject: Re: Incomplete mirror
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 02/26/2002 07:08
> I set 'go anywhere in the web' and 'store html 
> but that did not work.
> When I try to mirror ( <> ) 

Yahoo groups are not very easy to mirror - see related 
threads, and the post from Kjell Knudsen, who gave a 
solution here in this forum:

Great tool Xavier, I was not sure if it was possible 
to get it through the yahoo interface, but found out 
that yes. Here's a help file I wrote for my users to 
backup the yahoogroups / previous eGroups, you might 
want to include some of it somewhere to help other 
people with form login questions. Think it should work 
with some adaption for all Yahoo things behind login 
(because your great tool allows for it :-): 

Backing up eGroups using WinHTTrack 
If not already installed the program can be downloaded 
from <>. 

This document describes how to configure a download of 
all messages from one eGroup. Other questions will 
hopefully be answered in the help files of the program 
itself. In the go through the icblafrica eGroup will 
be used as an example, but it should work for all 
other groups you are a member of as well, just replace 
whatever occurrence of icblafrica with the group you 
want to back up. NB! You must be a member of the 
eGroup you want to backup and have a Yahoo ID. In this 
example a NON existing yahoo ID and password will be 
used, do not try to use it for real. The example will 
use ‘icbl’ as YahooID and ‘banmines’ as password 

After having downloaded and configured the program 
start it and do the following to configure a 
backup/mirror/download project: 

1. If not already at the beginning of a new 
backup creation, click File | New Project . 
Maximize the window to ease reading. 
2. Click on the “Next” button in the main window. 
Give your Project a name, or if you want to run or 
edit an old Project select from the list. Also make 
sure that the Base Path is one you are ok with. You 
might want to create one folder to store all your 
backup projects. It should not be necessary with a new 
base path or each backup unless you want to have 
various backups. Click the Next button. 
3. As URL you must first specify a cryptic URL 
which allows you access to the closed groups. This 
first URL is only needed if you are backing up a non- 
public eGroup, everything between start and end on one 
=== start URL === 
=== end URL === 
4. In addition to this first URL specify the 
links to the parts of the eGroup that you want to 
backup. In the example I want to have all messages and 
message lists, as well as all files if there are any, 
NB all of these without a last slash (/): 
5. After all of these have been added you need to 
set the options to make sure the backup will work, and 
also to make sure we don’t get too many files backed 
up. Click “Set options”, in the options do the 
a. Scan Rules: make sure the box in there reads 
the following (without the start and end): 
=== start === 
-*.png -*.gif -*.jpg -*.css -*.js -* -*?* 
=== end === 
b. Spider: Make sure that the “Accept Cookies” 
option is ticked off 
c. Click OK to exit the options and save changes 
6. Click “Next” to go onto the next step, no 
changes should be needed there, so you should now be 
ready for the backup, click “Finish” to start the 
7. The backup will take a while to complete the 
first time you run, depending on your speed and the 
speed of the internet in general. If Yahoo has a bad 
day you might not be able to backup at all. After the 
backup finishes you will be asked to view log file or 
Browse Mirrored Website, to verify it might be a good 
idea to Browse a bit. You might want to disconnect 
while you do this, or at least keep track of the 
address your browser shows while displaying the pages. 
It should not start with http. 

To repeat a backup with configurations already used 
you can start the program but select the old backup 
project and don’t have to redo all the settings. The 
backup it self will also be faster since only new 
files will be added. 
Old backup projects will be placed as a .whtt file in 
the folder you selected as your Base Path under 2. , 
they can also be run from there by double clicking. 

Remember that if you change your yahoo password or ID 
you need to change them in the old settings. 

Kjell Knudsen, Saturday, March 24, 2001, 


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