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Subject: frames, js, asp
Author: porser
Date: 03/01/2007 04:40
i need to copy a site that is like this:

main page works in asp. what show on explorer bar.
there are 5 frames left,top,middle, right,bottom. 5 of them are html files.
all the buttons are js. it works as next page and previous page. like:

System is just like a pdf file with an index. the left frame is index. the
javascript command i gave up is one of the command that is in index's topics
has. this command changes the right frame. and the page number on bottom and
up frames. 

the next page command is like this:

if anybody outthere willing to help more but needs to know more can contact me
additionally with my email:


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frames, js, asp

03/01/2007 04:40


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