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Subject: Web site structure not hierarchical -> problem
Author: oboe
Date: 04/05/2007 16:04

I want to download with the latest version of HTTrack the files of the French
Bulletin officiel des impĂ´ts (BOI, in short) which is located at

As you can see, there is no home page, and the files can be accessed from any
of the .../boi[yyyy]/boi.htm pages. I give HTTrack the
<> page as the one from
which to begin. I have set HHTrack's filter options so as to ask him to get
PDF files and to go to outside level 3 but it is not enough. For instance, I
go down to page <\dgiboi\boi2007\4FEPUB\4fe_a.htm>
but I need it to go down to the next, 4th level, in order to get files such as

In other words, the PDF files located deep in the other years' folders do not
appear. How can I get them without making one mirror per year ?
Does anyone have a clue ?

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Web site structure not hierarchical -> problem

04/05/2007 16:04
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04/17/2007 00:25


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