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Subject: Re: Cookie Login Question
Author: Scott
Date: 03/05/2002 06:37
> > There is a web site I have been trying to mirror 
> I 
> > can mirror the site with out any problems.  What I 
> > can't get to work is the authication that happens 
> when 
> > I open the page.  This page is the kind if you 
> > have an account with them, you get all kinds of 
> up 
> > windows.  I would like to mirror this site using 
> > login, so those annoying pop up windows don't 
> > 
> > I have used the URL capture option, and it did 
> on 
> > the first, or opening page, but all pages after 
> > where treated as if I wasn't logged in. 
> > 
> > Other than that, the program works great, and I'll 
> be 
> > telling my friends about this program.
> Hum... I suspect some javascript+cookie+post mix.. 
> this is rather indigestible for an offline browser, 
> unfortunately. If the capture feature did not work, 
> don't see any immediate solution (if the javascript 
> popup is sending some callback to the parent window, 
> this is going to be REALLY hard to handle)

I'm not sure if Java is used.  There isn't a pop up 
for logging in, I just click on a link on the page and 
type in my login name and password, then after that 
I'm automatically logged into the web page after that.

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