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Subject: Can i start httrack via a script?
Author: Dieter Zinke
Date: 06/02/2007 21:09
I use Screengrab for Firefox to archive webpages. Since the maintainer of
Screengrab stopped his project i tried webhttrack.

Is it possible to write a batch script to tell httrack how to archive a
webpage? If, how can i set up a #!/bin/sh script that for example only grabs
this page 


with all pictures and css, but nothing else.
I need relative urls, because sometimes i burn my archive on CD.
Category is Kernel
Project name is tech.
Anymore information needed?
It would be very helpful if somebody let me know how a batch file for this
scenary would look like.

Thanks in advance, Dieter.

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Can i start httrack via a script?

06/02/2007 21:09
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