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Subject: Delete WinHTTrack folders?
Author: Imtiaz Ahsan
Date: 06/06/2007 05:57
I downloaded the no-install version of WinHTTrack so that I could carry it
around in an USB Flash Drive. But my flash drive is only 128 MB, so space is
an issue. I was wondering if I could safely delete the folders "libtest",
"src" and "src_win" because they only contain source codes. Is that going to
affect the operation of WinHTTrack at all? Can I delete any other
files/folders? Maybe all the files in the "lang" folder except "English.txt"?

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Delete WinHTTrack folders?

06/06/2007 05:57
Re: Delete WinHTTrack folders?

06/06/2007 20:19


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