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Subject: Faulty PURGE should be default OFF
Author: Flow
Date: 06/12/2007 01:50
The hazardous Gigabyte-of-downloaded-
-data-erased-in-blink-of-eye-PURGE function (?), no, BUG, has to be off by
default, not the other way 'round.

I appreciate this great software a lot, but right now I feel like KAMIKAZE.

How is it, that:
If I run a project, then stop the project (correctly, not by pressing abort
twice), then reopen and "resume" the project, then abort again (pressing abort
twice), and at that point use the function "restore to before" at the popup
message, almost all data is erased (purged....). It should restore to the
situation before the last (short) iteration. And not go berserk and delete 98
% of the data.

Oh boy.. 3 days of downloading just went kaputt.

Now I'm gonna have some fun undeleting thousands of folders and files.

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Faulty PURGE should be default OFF

06/12/2007 01:50
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06/15/2007 19:49


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