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Subject: 100% CPU utilisation when capture url is clicked
Author: applegrew
Date: 06/12/2007 21:06
Hi I was trying to use the capture url feature for the 1st time on the 3.41-2
version on WinXP Home. I was trying to capture <>.
As soon as I click capture url, CPU utlisation _always_ shoots to 100%.

I am pretty sure that its proxy server didn't start at all since my firewall
(Zone Alarm) didn't notify that WinHTTrack is trying to act as server. Also
when I try to use its given proxy address then Firefox notifys that the Proxy
server is refusing connection.

I also monitored it using procmon.exe (Process Monitor) and as soon as I click
Capture Url the CPU utilization shoots to 100% but procmon showed that it is
not trying to access any resource. Maybe WinHTTrack gets caught in some
infinite loop sort of thing.

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100% CPU utilisation when capture url is clicked

06/12/2007 21:06


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