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Subject: Re: NEVER overwrite binary files.
Author: ass
Date: 07/23/2007 06:11
Looked a bit deeper and found out i was wrong about the reason why size test

Fast and dirty source fix:
 In htsback.c at line 3201
  int size = fsize(back[i].url_sav);  // target size
  char *buffass=OPT_GET_BUFF(opt);
  fass(buffass,back[i].url_sav,back[i].url_fil);//might have to move this up a
line to compile
  int size = fsize(buffass);

Add following:
void fass(char* buff, char *path, char *name)
	char c[]=".delayed";
	unsigned int l=strlen(path);
	char *ass_=buff+l-sizeof(c)+1;
	if(l>sizeof(c)	&&	strcmp(ass_,c)==0)
		char *ass=buff+l;

Have tryed with this for a while and seems to work fine.
Hopefully this help clearifying the problem and cause the source to be updated
with a clean solution making this app even greater. 
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