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Subject: request: dynpage ignore parameter function
Author: steppa
Date: 08/20/2007 05:12

I tried to mirror a dynamically generated page with links like
only $opt1 and $opt2 influence the content, $origin and $tracking are
irrelevant for the mirror.
Filenames are created with -N dir%p/%[opt1::_::]%[opt2::_::]%n.%t

Due to crazy navigation, links point to the same content with different
$origin and every page is generated with a new $session. Hence it ends up with
filenames incremented like foo_bar_script-2.html etc. which have the same
content despite some timestamps and of course again links with new $session.
This unnecessarily bloats up the mirror.

It would be nice if there were an option like 
that filters before link comparison.

Or is there a way to turn off filename incrementation that would skip the
download if the file exists? It should really avoid redownloading because
files can be rather big.

I found some other posts with this issue and wrote a comment but it is a
rather old thread that doesn't come up, so I post this again.

Thanks for the cool software.

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request: dynpage ignore parameter function

08/20/2007 05:12


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