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Subject: Index.html generation problem in HTTRACK 3.41
Author: Jazid
Date: 09/16/2007 00:10

Firstly this is a wonderful tool - thanks for your time and effort.
I am running HTTRACK 3.41-3 and am having problems with creation of the site
root index page, the source being a local CMS in php/apache on Windows 2000.

The option -N1002 seems to be generating the site root index page
correctly(index.html), but when I try and use -N1001, it doesnt copy the
index.html page.

To summarise the options tried:
(A) "-N1001 " creates a httrack generated index.html page making the the site
root page seems to be index-2.html
(B) "-N1001 -I0" does not seem to be copy the index.html website (and
correctly doesnt create it since Ive specified -I0)
(C) "-N1002 " DOES COPY the index.html website page correctly ( but I want the
directory structure of N1001 and not N1002)

Examples to follow in next post.

This seemed to work fine in a previous version of WinHTTRACK. Any thoughts on
how to autogenerate my site root page would be appreciated.

Thanks. J.

p.s. I could just perform a "copy index-2.html index.html" but I wanted to
know either know how to use HTTRACK correctly or raise a bug if it isnt a user

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09/16/2007 00:10
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